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Outsourcing your Customer Contact Centre – is it just a cost cutting exercise?

In our previous blog, Woven’s CEO Cyril Molitor outlined why we created Woven and our intent to disrupt what we feel has become a market defined by a lowest cost approach to delivering service. Add to that the ever increasing demand from consumers for responsive, connected, seamlessly delivered services, and something has got to change.

So to change the way our clients approach outsourcing, and to ensure Woven delivers against all of their requirements, it’s very important to understand the reasons why organisations outsource their customer contact centre in the first place! I know this seems obvious, but many businesses still view outsourcing simply as a way to reduce operating costs. And, in turn, that doesn’t help the way the market responds by creating a race to the bottom that overlooks the other incredibly valuable benefits of partnering with a specialist outsourced contact centre provider.

Of course, the benefit of cutting costs it’s a major factor, but the following are also reasons cited by our clients for choosing Woven to provide their customer contact centre:

  • Improved performance & quality
  • Access to additional / new customer contact channels
  • Increased flexibility to meet business or customer demand
  • Improved reporting, insight and MI
  • Ability to measure improved ROI of customer contact
  • To create a competitive advantage
  • Enhanced risk management
  • Reduced investment and capital cost
  • Access to shared telephony / IT infrastructure
  • To raise cash through the transfer of assets to the supplier
  • Replacement of fixed costs with variable
  • Improved innovation and refreshed thinking
  • Access to industry leading practices
  • Improved expertise & skill levels
  • Reduction in head count / staffing
  • Ability to focus on core functions
  • Reduced administration
  • Improved service levels
  • More reliable cost base
  • More control on budgets
  • Improved business continuity and security of supply
  • Faster “concept to delivery”

At Woven, these reasons for outsourcing your customer contact centre are all recognised as a fundamental element of the services we provide. We work with our clients to deliver each of these benefits and ensure our relationship is not just measured by an advisor hourly rate. That’s why we’re a different kind of outsourcer and we’re open and pragmatic about the journey we’re going on.  We’re delivering something different and unique to the market. It’s going to be an exciting journey!

Written by Steve West, Sales and Marketing Director