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Why we created Woven- Our journey so far and a glimpse of our journey ahead

We created Woven to answer the needs of our clients who are not satisfied by the offerings available to them in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) market.  In simple terms, companies who were looking for an outsourcing provider had a choice between the big players (who are known for their processing quality and their domain knowledge) and the small players (who are nimble enough to customise their service to meet the needs of individual clients and can be flexible in their contractual relationships, giving more of a ’boutique’ feel). 

We created Woven to find the best of both worlds, bringing together the management techniques of the big ones, whilst keeping the ’boutique’ feel of the smaller ones, which is so important in day-to-day interactions and their ever-evolving needs.

To do that, Woven will occupy the “mid-market” segment, which is virtually empty at the moment, following a wave of business consolidations in recent years.

Our aim is to offer a broad range of capabilities (inbound, outbound, bureau, work from home etc.), to be present in selected jurisdictions (so as to provide the best onshore/offshore mix for our clients), and to heavily invest in technology and data solutions.  We want to disrupt the market in a very positive, tangible and concrete way for our existing clients and future clients!

To live up to these ambitions, we have made 3 acquisitions in January 2019: these are the businesses formerly operating as Carpeo, Yonder and Jaywing.  We will continue to grow through acquisitions, where we will focus on interesting locations, capabilities and domain expertise. 

In the meantime, we have also entered into negotiations to acquire our own technology platform, which will be the cornerstone of our brand: ‘people powered by technology’.

Following this acquisition, we will launch the ‘Woven Strategy of Proof’ where we will go to market with applications and capabilities that aren’t currently available to mid-market clients. Our goal is to offer a full suite of capabilities, from chatbots to omni-channel communication, and providing data insight and workforce management tools to our clients, all available from a single platform which can integrate with a client’s own internal systems without needing time-consuming and costly technical intervention.  This simply isn’t available today.

This platform will also drastically improve the nature of the work for our advisors, giving them the ability to deal with multiple processes from a single platform using customised workflows and increasing their speed to competency. For our outbound advisors it will provide better data quality (with the help of data scientists) which will be able to access huge amounts of relevant data from a single source and increase conversion rates.  We are currently piloting this value proposition and are very encouraged by the first results.

Ultimately, this will enable the best possible customer journey and provide our clients with insights and intelligence to best deliver their brand proposition.

This will support our organic growth strategy:  we want to reinforce our current partnerships and help our clients with their transformation journey and costs challenges.  To do that we will also pilot different commercial models that reflect the evolution of the customer contact market much better than the standard pricing models do.

Unlike the large players, who are focused on high-volume work, and the small players that can’t invest in technology and data solutions, we will adapt ourselves to our clients’ needs and bring innovative solutions, quickly.

That’s just a little about why we created Woven and how we are redefining and disrupting the BPO industry.

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