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Leading a new, high growth business

Woven’s journey

Woven is a high growth business, expanding rapidly through acquisition and we are building a business that will disrupt the contact centre marketplace. By definition, we’re going through transformational change.

At such times, and especially at a time when UK businesses are grappling with uncertainty, the challenge for leadership is to make sure that we deliver in four key areas for everyone in the organization:

Give Sense; Focus; Support and Recognition

For me, it’s great to see people growing and developing in Woven. They are given the opportunities that come with a changing business and are growing as quickly as we are.

Businesses like ours require high levels of energy to achieve success and growth. How a leader engages with people and communicates both enthusiasm and passion is critical. Enthusiasm and passion are contagious and drives the discretionary effort of colleagues that will deliver success.

Creating that energy requires great internal marketing. Combining this with the use of symbols creates a sense of momentum which helps to place the emphasis on the future.

I’ve seen first-hand across many businesses how leaders have tried to take on too much or move in a direction that the business wasn’t prepared for -therefore having an engaged and committed team at all levels underpins a successful transformation.

High growth businesses and their challenges

I also think that in high growth business there is a challenge around putting in place enough governance controls and operational disciplines that maintain the successful growth but don’t strangle the focus on future growth.

Fundamentals of leading a high growth business

Although industries may be different in the way they operate, what their objectives are, or what products and services they provide – the fundamentals of leading people in a successful high growth business remain the same. These are the four that I maintain and believe are the most important:

  • Celebrating successes and reflecting on what you learned from what didn’t go well – sometimes you win but always you learn.
  • Recognising leaders are across all levels of the organisation – If a leader doesn’t create energy in others, they can become the only source of energy. This means motivating as many people as possible ensures movement and prevents burnout in one leader.
  • Facilitating two-way communication and creating symbols – people need proof of change, to be well informed and reference points to associate success to.
  • Building a team with a mix of skills – This is probably the singularly most important task above all. This is because having perspective and different viewpoints promotes discussion and can bring about different outcomes.

We are Woven. We’re here to disrupt the industry together with our people.

Written by Peter Hessey, People & Organisation Director

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