Exceptional Customer Experiences

Bespoke Solutions That Deliver Great Customer Journeys

People powered by technology

We often say here at Woven that we’re people powered by technology. We see our technology as an invisible tool to remove barriers and allow us to do what we love – helping the customer. To do this, we strive to offer bespoke solutions that deliver great customer journeys.

Without a doubt, we believe that dedicated people coupled with a simplified technology journey can make all the difference. To build those bespoke solutions requires simple-to-use systems, intelligent automation and an engaging interface. This combination allows for our people to offer help in the quickest and easiest manner possible whilst not concerning themselves with workarounds for the customer.

The way we power our technology is ever changing. It’s clear that there is now a greater emphasis on cloud-based technology than ever before. In the past, we relied on placing servers within specific locations, meaning less flexibility and agility. Moving forward with cloud-based software allows us to not only work remotely, but it allows us to expand quickly as well as ensuring more secure and resilient systems.

Data is king

To serve customers requires key data sets in real time. How quickly this information can be obtained is essential, it allows us to serve the customer in a personal and service-led manner, opposed to offering a long and drawn-out transactional exchange. The systems we have in place allow us to securely connect into a client’s system and present the correct data to our advisors.

In addition to carrying out daily interactions with customers, we also place the utmost importance on reporting back on performance – not only to shape the way we improve our processes, but to operate transparently with clients. The data we use allows us to plan ahead effectively, and reduce unnecessary effort bringing financial benefits for our clients.

Building bespoke solutions

We pride ourselves on offering bespoke solutions to our clients. As a result, it allows us to work closely together with our clients and their brands to enhance the experience for the customer.

Whilst retaining our core values, we ensure that dedicated teams build bespoke solutions with the customer journey in mind. So that when we build each customer journey, we combine our simple and easy to use technology, combined with knowledge from our clients to deliver the best possible outcome.

We don’t apply a one-size fits all approach, because we look to deliver a bespoke solution that fits each client.  Delivering a more efficient and effective customer experience for a more successful outcome. How do we do this? We do it with the utmost care, attention and expertise, we do it with the client and customer in mind.

We are Woven, and we are people powered by technology.

Written by Nicola Collister, Chief Operating Officer