Exceptional Customer Experiences

Why online reviews are a crucial support to the retail sector

With businesses across the country opening their doors again to customers, it’s more important than ever for us all to consider what we can do to support business and to get the economy back on its feet. One simple way to support a local or national business is to regularly leave post reviews online for a product, service or overall experience.

At Woven, we believe that positive online reviews are always a worthwhile exercise for retail, regardless of the economic landscape. However, taking into regard the fragile circumstances in which we find ourselves, it now seems particularly prescient to encourage consumers to support and take the time to share the love (or otherwise) with their local shops, bars, restaurants and services.

Research by Invespo shows that 72% of consumers will interact with a business as a result of reading positive reviews, while nearly a third (31%) of consumers have spent more of their money with a business that can display “excellent” online reviews.

Furthermore, data from Statista’s ‘Trust in online customer reviews’ study (2014-18), found that online reviews of a business have the same impact on consumer perceptions as a personal recommendation from a family member or friend.

Tips on ‘how to write’ an effective online review

Be detailed and informative

The most useful reviews for consumers are those that contain as much detail as possible. So rather than leaving a comment like “Great service!”, which is positive and certainly valued by the recipient business, try instead to include as much detail as possible. Consider elements such as how well that business communicated with you? It’s delivery service or the quality of its product(s). Why were these excellent? What was it about the product that set it apart from others? Both consumers and businesses value reviews that contain as much detail as possible. So if there are elements that you’re unhappy with, try to communicate these as constructively as possible, so a business can adapt and learn.

Include photographs

If your review is regarding a product, try to include a photograph if possible. This will allow other consumers to see products in a more realistic setting, especially if it’s an item that other consumers are considering to purchase.

Omit personal details

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when writing online reviews, either positive or negative, is including details that can easily identify colleagues or individuals. Remember to focus on addressing an experience as a whole, and avoid focusing on specific individuals if you refer to a particular situation or issue.

Remember, reviews take minutes

Leaving a positive review only takes a few minutes of your day and can really help support a business through difficult times, especially for those small businesses local to you who may not have deep pockets. Remember, negativity can dominate online review forums and the web in general, so a positive review helps break that circle and can really support both businesses and consumers alike.