Woven COVID Secure Plan

Recently, the UK Government released a new set of guidelines including ‘Working safely during COVID-19 in offices and contact centres” which sets out a comprehensive list of requirements and guidelines for us to follow.

A large amount of these requirements have already been put in place by Woven as precautionary measures across our sites including:

  • All colleagues in the office are seated the required distance apart from each other.
  • Cleaning has been increased on all sites with particular care to frequently touched areas.
  • Hygiene stations with sanitiser and anti-bacterial wipes are plentiful across our offices.
  • We have regularly communicated to our colleagues to remind them of their responsibilities
  • All meetings have been held online rather than in person.
  • There has been no business travel or intra site visits.
  • Visitors have been kept to a minimum e.g. essential contractors, cleaners
  • We do not have hot desking or sharing of headsets or equipment
  • We have clearly marked our offices to identify the 2m distance.
  • We have provided lunch so employees do have not needed to leave the premises.

We continually monitor all the government guidelines and Woven can confirm that we have complied with the Government’s guidance on managing the risks of COVID-19.

Please see below the initial feedback from independent risk assessors who completed assessments across each of our sites (Bristol, Ipswich & Swindon).  Along with the completed actions we have addressed for each site to ensure 100% compliance with the Governments COVID-secure guidelines.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Report – Swindon

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Report – Ipswich

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Report – Bristol

COVID-19 Risk Assessment Tasks – All Sites

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