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Driving Change In A New Automotive Era

We are in a new automotive era. The way the automotive industry operates is ever changing and now more than ever a digital buying experience is key to maintain or drive a competitive advantage what the customer is looking for. People want the dealer experience from their home.

In a recent blog post by Kyle Keogh and Steven Rampersad they outlined 5 trends shaping the auto industry’s approach to the new normal. In short Covid-19 has changed business as we know it. Owning a car now brings comfort to those wanting to avoid the hustle and bustle of public transport and people want to be able to buy their car without the need for a face to face buying experience.

Prior to COVID-19, 7 out of 10 car shoppers would consider buying online if the option was provided. A recent survey shows that this number has increased to 8 out of 10. As a result of this your website and online customer journey probably needs reevaluating to accommodate for the changing consumer behavior. Developing strategies for how to meet consumer demand for online buying should be one of your biggest focuses as a business owner, but you don’t need us to tell you that. Instead let me tell you how Woven we can help ensure you are there when your customers are online.

Woven is already supporting leading automotive retailers and manufacturers meet the challenge of delivering to today’s connected consumer. We make it easier for your customers to connect whatever day, whatever time on whatever channel they prefer. Convenience is fast becoming the new loyalty, and our intuitive technology provides our clients with a single view of the customer alongside data and insight to support and continually improve the customer experience.

Woven with You, provides a seamless extension of your own business, so that you can focus on the value-add activity that will help you to grow. Empowered by a technology platform with over 500 clients across multiple sectors, you can entrust your customers to us. Ultimately, this will enable the best possible customer journey and provide you with insights and intelligence to best deliver your brand proposition.

We are Woven.

Convention making. Industry leading. Market defining.

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