Paula Constant in the Future of Retail and Ecommerce

Woven is proud to announce our CEO Paula Constant features in the Future of Retail & Ecommerce.


The Raconteur publication in The Times covers an interview with Paula Constant around ‘Why outsourcing needs to be backed up by experience’


Paula’s interview covers what differentiates Woven from other BPO’s alongside how we are making a positive impact on our clients’ businesses.’

Lots of retailers are looking to outsource their contact centres right now. We simply do not believe in delivering “one-size-fits-all” solutions for our clients and this is what sets Woven apart from our competitors.

As Paula explains “We are not that classic, old-school outsourcing business, which does not always have a great reputation. Our leadership team have all had jobs in the industries we serve, working on the other side of the fence. As a result, I think we have got a much better understanding of what companies really need, the way they are measured, and the pressures they are facing.”


Read Paula Constant’s interview on Page 11 in The Times’ The Future of Retail and Ecommerce report, released on December 8th.

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