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How to make a business case for outsourcing

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is an investment made. BPO refers to when companies outsource business processes to an external company. The goal here is cut costs, cut time and look at the core aspects of the business. There are many reasons to why a business’s outsource. The main reason being to reduce and control costs of operation, improve company focus, increase reach and efficiency.

There are many advantages to business outsourcing and many ways to create an outstanding BPO. It all begins with an outstanding business case.

Step 1: Do Research and Know Audience

It is important to understand the background of the industry in reference to your business case. You must do research around the topic and find trends.

Step 2: Set goals.

In order to reach goals, you must set realistic goals. The goals set for your clients will be an indication of what you can do for them as an outsourcer. This is vital in creating a business case for outsourcing.

Step 3: BPO

When preparing a business case, it is your job to diminish the concerns that executives may have and address each concern as needed. It is your job to address these concerns in the initial conversations meaning that by the beginning of work, everything has been ironed out and all concerns fully resolved and discussed.

Step 4: ROI

One of the first questions you will be asked is “what are the benefits?”, “what is my ROI?”. You should address these questions straight away to reiterate the clear benefits outsourcing has. There are two types of companies. The first type is those who currently outsource but are not seeing the benefits. It is your job to ensure you build the right KPI’s and work to meet the needs of this customer. The second are those who are new to outsourcing. For these clients, they are often outsourcing primarily as a cost saving measure. It is your job to offer customer satisfaction and a successful partnership.

Step 5: Prepare for challenges.

For a successful partnership there needs to be a clear timeline for what the plan is however also be prepared for things to not go to plan. It is up to you to see the challenges and have a plan in place in place to fix issues as and when they arise on behalf of your client. It is important to be flexible and agile when weathering business disruptions.

Step 6: Manage for the transition.

In the transition with the business, it is your job to do this with ease and cover all the bases ensuring the lines of communication remain open. This communication can manage the transition for your client. Be clear and concise with what is happening from the word go. The second thing is cooperation, partnership is key and must remain at the centre. The third and final thing is continuity, stay committed and engaged throughout the process of making a business case for outsourcing.

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