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How to reduce average call handling time

We already know about the importance of call handling, but what about making it more efficient? Average call handling time refers to the talk time plus hold time and wrap up time divided by the total calls made. In order to reduce average call handling times it is important to recognise best practices and then implement these. These best practices can be broken down into 10 points:

  • Record Calls
  • Review and modify scripts accordingly.
  • Skill based call routing.
  • Train up new agents
  • Searchable knowledge base
  • Be able to access relevant data in a timely manner.
  • Reducing after-call time
  • Use close ended questions.
  • Access call data carefully
  • Short welcome and introduction

There are many advantages of reducing average call handling time, however less isn’t always more as customer satisfaction should always be the focus.

One of the many advantages of a reduction of average call time is there being better contact centre performance.

Through reducing call time it does not only enhance client experience but also can influence agent performance. Less time on calls means more calls handled without impacting customer experience.

Another advantage is improved customer experience.

The KPI’s set for customer service will need to also take hold time into account and finding ways to reduce this time and being efficient on calls will impact the customers experience. Getting to a conclusion quickly and effectively will reflect positively on the customers experience. This can be done through in-queue call backs.

Another key advantage is cost reduction.

Through decreasing average call handling time per call theoretically your call centre will be able to manage a higher volume of calls.

So now we understand the advantages there are a number of tips that can be applied to help reduce average handle times without impacting customer experience.

The first step is to choose your technology wisely and plan ahead.

It is important to choose software that is straightforward and simple but also software that goes works with your current tools to streamline your procedures.

Another tip is to record calls.

Through recording calls, you now have the ability to use this to train new workers with live examples to ensure client calls go well.

Review analytics regularly

It is important look at and analyse analytics regularly and amend process accordingly.

Have a comprehensive knowledge base.

Your call centre is very often the first point of contact when problems arrive and for most part can be critical in the reaction from the customer. For problem solving there must be a comprehensive knowledge base for educating and hiring new agents. This is beneficial for both clients and agents when facing problems that needs solutions.

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