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5 phone answering tips to win business

Phone answering and how this is done is essential in winning business and more specifically. Customer Service and communication with customers over the phone plays directly into customer satisfaction. It is often important to remember that the client called you and therefore needs to be attended to. There are a few ways in which your customer service team can have the best service and win business.  


Here is a quick guide on how to effectively and professionally answer the phone for business, and tips on how to win new business and retain existing customers over the phone. Follow these phone answering tips to win business.  


  1. Call answering  

How you answer and the tone you have will impact how a customer rates the experience. By keeping a happy and uplifted tone this reflects on the customers pleasantness with dealing with the company. It is the client who is putting their faith in you, and through this initial answering you are setting the tone of the customers experience. Do not leave the customers waiting for long to chat. 

2. Tact 

Be polite and formal. It is important to speak clearly and professionally when dealing with customers concerns. The conversation between start and finish should be as seamless as possible. 

3. Communication  

Clearly communicate the customer’s name, the companies name and location. Understand clearly what is being asked. It is important you ask clear questions and give clear indication of the process of each call. Remember to ask appropriately articulated questions and gain a fuller understanding of the customers need on behalf of your clients.  

4. Answers  

Provide realistic answers to the complaint or enquiry. It is your job to communicate a realistic solution to the problem or issue at hand and ensure there is a clear understanding of how you are going to handle whatever the request. During this process it is best to remain optimistic and upbeat, however also remain empathetic. Make sure customer satisfaction is the priority and you do not hang up until you have apologised, sought out a solution and asked if there is any more you can do.  

 5. Wait time and End of Call 

You should never keep the client on hold. Hold time should be limited by the implementation of good call handling practices that ensure a smooth problem solution process. Through addressing the clients needs properly that makes wait time, that is inevitable, more bearable. 

When it comes to ending the call you should wait for the customer to take the initiative to end it. It is up to you to make subtle hints, “is there anything more I can do for you today?”, “Are you satisfied with your help today?” and “Thank you for calling us today”. You must ensure that the customer is satisfied and you have done everything within  your power to ensure there needs are met.  


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