BYC AQUA are the largest provider of outsourced quality services, servicing clients in the UK, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Dubai with a vast client base covering all sectors.

Operating for over 18 years, they have built amazing services and technology to meet ever-changing needs in quality assurance and compliance, ensuring that the highest standards are met.

BYC is passionate about customer experience, whether internal or external. Our large team provides dedication and professionalism in every interaction. Our services ensure cost-effective, practical and flexible advice which focuses on solutions, driving improvements within your contact centre and the resources operating within it.

Focusing on Solutions

We are a company servicing all global regions with a vast client base. With a mature approach developed over many years, BYC provides support to our clients by ensuring that your customer delivery is aligned to your brand.

The companies which we help are not only in the contact centre industry. We cover all aspects of independent customer measurement across all sectors, to ensure customer strategies are achieved and exceeded.

Our main areas of focus include:

  • Customer Evaluation and Outsourced QA Services
  • QA and On-line Coaching Reporting Tool
  • Contact Centre Consulting
  • Training Expertise
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Your brand matters

We will select the right Woven Receptionist to match the personality of your brand and tone of voice, to give the customer the best experience possible.

Extensive Experience

With over 900 UK clients, we work in partnership across a wide range of sectors, including; legal, utilities, facilities management, retail, travel and charitable

Trusted Expert Support

With 3 sites across the UK offering an established switchboard service, we have Disaster Recovery sewn up! We are the safest pair of hands in the industry.

100% transparent

Transparency is not only one of our core values, but with our QA app you can monitor 100% of all calls and feedback to our team in real time.