Careers with us

Join the Woven family.

At Woven we serve customers from a wide variety of backgrounds every day and we want to reflect that same mix inside our business too.


We strive to create an inclusive and diverse workplace where people can be themselves, have the same opportunities and thrive together. Together, we continually work to create a workplace where everyone feels valued, no matter their age, race, gender, disability or sexual orientation.


We are a team.

We are Woven.

What are we looking for.

• Thirst for knowledge and excellence

• Commitment and honesty

• Personality and forward thinking

Get to know us.

How can we make this work for you.

• We want to know about your skills and experiences that will bring something to Woven that others cannot!

• Talk to us about your story. Our recruitment team are regular people too!

• Need to pop us on hold as someone came to your door? Not a problem.

• Trying to multitask child care and an interview? Pop them on the call with us, we’d be happy to say hi!

• Not sure on the meaning of a word or phrase? Ask us to reword it for you.

• We endeavor to support removing barriers and making reasonable adjustments for anyone.

• Can’t see a job that suits you? Contact us anyway and we will let you know when a suitable job arises!

• Contact us:

Our commitments.

• Creating an inclusive workplace for all

• Encouraging people with disabilities to join and help us grow

• Finding the best people and making it work for them

• Ensuring balance in our teams

• Everyone undertakes Diversity & Inclusion Training, and                          Unconscious Bias Training

Job Applications are more than a tick-box exercise!

Do you really need to meet every criteria outlined to apply for a role? Absolutely not!

Typically, jobs advertised have a long list of ‘requirements’ or ‘key skills’ because that’s what the dream application looks like. Here at Woven, we don’t have our heads in the clouds and we know that the right attitude, and right determination can overcome some skills listed as requirements.


So, please apply if you fancy your next challenge. Let us know your drive, motivation and ambitions and we will do what we can to support you on that journey!


Whoever you are.
We want to talk.
We are here.
We. Are. Woven.