Why South Africa?

Many Global Businesses have chosen South Africa to be part of their service delivery model partnering with one of the numerous businesses that operate from this No 1 BPO destination. Awarded the most favoured Customer Experience delivery location in 2021 (Ryan Strategic Advisory Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey), after 3 consecutive years in 2nd place, combined with a strategic focus on BPO by the South African government, the country has established its reputation for delivering high quality, consistent services into international markets.

Benefits of offshore outsourcing 

Businesses are expanding their search for expertise beyond their country’s borders to benefit from global business services. Offshore outsourcing benefits businesses by allowing them to relocate office jobs to countries with lower labor costs but equal expertise, like South Africa.

Increase efficiency

We are at the top of our game. Gain access to our expertise, knowledge and passion for the industry

Reduce capital costs 

We take responsibility of workspace, equipment and human capital

Cater to changing customer demands

We mitigate risk by anticipating changing customer demands and requirements

Turn fixed costs into variable coasts

We take responsibility of workspace, equipment and human capital


1 (16)
Customer Service
5 (5)
Tech Support Services
2 (17)
Lead Generation
6 (3)
Order Fulfillments
3 (14)
Dara Analysis / Reporting
7 (5)
Campaign Management and Control
4 (14)
Data and Back Office Service
8 (2)
Online and E-support Services 

Our partnership commenced in 2017 and during this time we collaborated with each other to provide innovative interventions and continuous improvement on our customer experience via both the technology platform and resource infrastructure. SA Commercial is always open to constructive feedback and a reliable partner, making our business relationship both effortless and pleasant. We are delighted with the service of SA Commercial.


Gansen Govender Customer Service Executive, Whirlpool

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    Offshoring FAQs

    What is offshoring?

    Offshore outsourcing is when a business recruits a third party supplier to conduct operations from an outside country. Offshore outsourcing companies provide service from low-cost regions around the globe to reduce costs and tap into seasoned customer experience experts.

    What are the different types of offshoring?

    They are mainly of two types of offshoring. Product offshoring is when a product is manufactured elsewhere and then imported for sale in the domestic market. Service offshoring refers to cases where services like customer service, IT, marketing and human resources are outsourced to a different country.

    Will your business benefit from offshoring?

    Offshore outsourcing means delegating certain tasks to a third party in an overseas location. By combining offshoring and outsourcing, a company could potentially save more money if able to take advantage of lower foreign costs and less overhead. Additionally, offshore resources can enhance your capability to offer a 24-hour support model and obtain larger scale resources.