Quality Assurance Solution
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QA Embedded from the start of every colleague journey and every client service

As a result of our acquisition of the independent contact centre QA specialists, BYC Aqua, Woven offers a genuinely differentiated outsourced QA solution which will add significant business value to what is typically an internally focused operational function. With decades of experience in multiple sectors, BYC Aqua blends expert analysts with powerful, customised analytics-based scoring and reporting tools to empower clients, managers and advisors with results, insights and advice that drive self-improving operations.


Quality and performance programmes instil in and empower people to view their continuous improvement and personal development insights. With an outsourced quality assurance solution, you always know how your team is performing, how they are feeling, and more importantly, how well they are achieving against team and personal goals and ambitions.

Outsourced QA Services

Our dedicated and qualified team of QA Assessors and Coaches fulfil QA assessments across all business sectors

License AQUA QA from us

This cost effective web portal requires no system integration and provides you with an array of useful information on the performance of your people across key business objectives

Training Services

Our vast choice of training solutions provide you and your team with targeted skills transfer enabling speedy return on investment for all delegates attending. For more info on how we can improve your call centre staff performance at any level, please contact us

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