The Academy Logo Woven The Academy Woven are proud to officially announce the launch of The Academy on 20th December 2021

The Academy – FAQS

Why Choose the Academy?

Woven Academy will provide you with a good understanding of the work environment, independence and self-confidence. An opportunity to explore career options and some money in your pocket to either spend or save.

It seems a little daunting

Work experience of any kind can feel daunting, but there is no need to be worried. You will always have a buddy, so you will never be alone. Not to mention we have an amazing team who will support you throughout your time with Woven. The great thing is that your nerves will eventually disappear as you get more comfortable in your role.

Will I get paid?

One of the benefits of The Academy is that you will get paid an attractive rate of pay for the work you do for Woven.

How old do I need to be to join the Academy?

We are looking for talented individuals aged 15 and above to come and join our team.

What other skills will I gain?

We want to arm you with all the skills you will need, such as:
Interview Skills
CV Writing Skills
Presentation Skills
Communication and EQ Skills

How can I apply?

Our team will be visiting schools throughout the year and arranging Open Days for you and your parents to come and talk about your ambitions and what we can do for you at Woven. If you wish to find out more, please complete the form below.

Some of our Amazing People


I’m Jaimie, and I’ve worked at Woven for 13 years. I began as a telemarketer and progressed to Team Leader. I have now been a Team Leader for 7 years


Throughout my time here I was also an Associate Trainer for B2B. I went for this role as I didn’t know if I wanted to develop down the training route or operations. After doing this role alongside being a TL I decided that training wasn’t for me and wanted to get more involved in the operational side of things.


In my 13 years here, I’ve also done three NVQs: Contact Centre Levels 2 and 3, as well as Team Leader Level 2.


I have recently become the Opportunities Ambassador which is a role alongside being TL – I applied for this role due to my development / progress within the business and thought that I could help others that want to do the same by sharing my experience with them, and to use my experience to look at other things that Woven can do as a business to help support this.

Meet the Team

Paula Constant

CEO, Mum, Wife, Sister

Nancy Parker

Director Client Services, Mum, Wife

Hannah-May Tatton

Chief of People, Mum, Wife

Want to know more about The Academy? Contact us.