The way your customers communicate with you is a key driver of their emotional connection with your brand.

Because we live in a world where customers are interacting with brands across multiple channels simultaneously and expect seamless resolution.

We recognise that the key to delivering what customers want, and what your business needs, is a powerful combination of both People and Technology.

Great Technology can enable better experiences by seamlessly connecting what matters, and delivering this intuitively.

We deliver on your brand’s promise by enabling intuitive, seamless, customer and colleague experiences.

About Our Investment

As never before opinionated and empowered consumers are driving a powerful correlation between excellent service and organisational success. Yet the market struggles to provide connected experience with the pace and agility required.

Woven are obsessed about creating positive change and delivering a genuine connected experience for organisations so they can embrace the opportunities that this new paradigm creates.

As a group we will do this with a seamless combination of people and technology. Woven Technology is our vehicle to provide disruption through technology and tPoint is the pivotal acquisition which provides the platform to enable this capability and also provide the perfect base for both further acquisitions and also accelerated innovation.

About tPoint 

The tPoint platform uniquely provides an agile no/low code approach to address head on the barriers to connected experience including; silos of legacy customer data, disconnected systems, restrictive data structures, technical resource dependencies, disparate contact environments and lengthy project timescales. And it does this in a manner which is conversation focused not data focused whether human or robotic communication.

The result is a common real-time environment for all communication across; Contact Centre, Online, Mobile and CRM, where all channels become smarter through real-time visibility of each other! With all communication accessible and visible in one common platform the powerful decisioning and processing tools drive smart contact simply, reacting in milli-seconds to any interaction with a customer whilst combining insight from external data and external systems. Every interaction becomes better informed and optimised.

And the beautiful reality is this obsession with conversation led, connected technology to optimise the customer experience will not only deliver the differentiation our clients need but also do that at a progressively reducing cost to serve.

“We believe passionately in agile and empowered users creating amazing customer engagement simply, in real time, across channels.

Everything we do and every new product release accelerates this journey!”

Andy Griffin
Chief Innovation Officer


Your brand matters

We will match our people to the personality of your brand and tone of voice, to give the customer the best experience possible.

Extensive Experience

With over 900 UK clients, we work in partnership across a wide range of sectors, including; legal, utilities, facilities management, retail, travel and charitable

Trusted Expert Support

With 3 sites across the UK offering an established multi-site, multi-client bureau environment, we have Disaster Recovery sewn up! We are the safest pair of hands in the industry.

100% transparent

Transparency is not only one of our core values, but with our QA app you can monitor 100% of all calls in real time.

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