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Woven helps automotive retailers and manufacturers meet the challenge of delivering to today’s connected consumer. With automotive customer experience outsourcing, we make it easier for your customers to connect whatever day, whatever time on whatever channel they prefer.


Woven with You, provides a seamless extension of your own business, so that you can focus on the value-add activity that will help you to grow. Empowered by an intuitive technology platform and with over 500 clients across multiple sectors, you can entrust your customers to us.


People want the dealer experience from their home. A recent study shows that 46 out of 100 U.K. car shoppers plan to visit a dealership within one month of lockdown restrictions being lifted, and half of these shoppers would visit within two weeks.


Despite dealerships still playing a critical role in the car buying process, an emerging trend in the automotive industry is that there is a clear appetite for online options with car delivery. More than 90% of U.K. car shoppers research online, and we’re now seeing the full vehicle buying journey — through purchase and delivery — follow a similar trajectory. Here at Woven we can help ensure you are there when your customers are online, with our solutions that support automotive customer service.

We’ve got you covered for:
• Emergency and Stolen Vehicle Assistance
• Vehicle Feature Support
• App Support and Guidance


Customer Experience Management

Measuring Customer Experience in the automotive industry can be challenging. Especially when customer interactions are through multiple platforms with multiple touchpoints.So how can we bring all this data together into one easily configurable environment?tPoint CX is not only simple to set up, but it also manages customer data intelligently to deliver reliable, actionable, and intuitive feedback at every stage of the customer journey.

In fact, businesses can take effective action against detractor indicators whilst proactively communicating with customers, and our user-friendly interfaces mean that anyone can get involved.

Bringing everything together this way means you can deliver a customer journey that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Our tPoint | CX app is a powerful tool built specifically to assist your business to improve customer satisfaction. tPoint is rich in functionality and able to handle all your software requirements.  Providing valuable insights to improve customer retention and brand loyalty.  So, whatever your customers are saying, positive or negative – we are here.

Whether it is to measure the experience in our Contact Centres or in your own network of businesses, our CX Solution is custom built to meet all your Customer Experience needs.

We’ve got you covered for:

• Insights and Consulting
• VOC-Voice of Customer
• Social Listening
• Virtual PA Services
• Vehicle Quality Surveys
• NPS and CSAT Contact Centre Surveys
• Mystery Shop Insights & Analytics

Customer Lifecycle Management

We’ve got you covered for:

• Insourcing and Outsourcing Capabilities
• Customer Service Support
• Customer Care – Live Advisors| Virtual Advisors
• Website and Microsite Contact Management
• Event Attendance
• Customer Acquisition and Retention
• Recall Communication & Assistance
• Proactive Service Reminders
• Seasonal Support
• Concierge Service

Digital Services

We’ve got you covered for:

• Chatbot | VA
• Robotic Process Automation
• Speech Analytics
• Voice bot
• CRM integration

Performance Marketing

We’ve got you covered for:
• Email Direct Marketing

Sales Support

We’ve got you covered for:
• Lead Generation
• Dealer Sales Prospecting & Support

We make it easy to deliver exceptional experiences across any channel without changing legacy systems


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