about Woven

The conventional outsourcing model is broken. We are here to deliver:

A New Service Reality | People Powered by Technology

  • Where people are at the heart of service

  • Where service is the biggest driver of value

  • Giving your customers answers not channels

  • Globally consistent service with local expertise

Empowered People

Immersed in your Brand

Our people are at the heart of our service

Recruited to Agent Personas, matched to the personality of your brand, routed by performance

Immersed in your values and DNA

Focused on eliminating waste and adding value

Exceptional service with real-time QA apps and agent ‘genie’ solutions

Increasing your CSAT

Increasing your NPS

Liberated Data

Single View of Customer

Service is the biggest driver of value

Instant access, real-time visibility across your customer’s journey

Online and mobile-responsive

Global, independent Quality Assurance with decades of experience and insight

Dynamic analytics-based scoring

End-to-end assurance of your CX inc. surveys and mystery shopping

Assuring your services

Capitalising on your opportunities

Connected Services

Intuitive Experiences

We’re re-inventing connected experiences

Truly omni-channel contact strategy

Lowest barrier to entry in the industry

Rapid, real-time API integration with minimum client IT effort and time

No/lo code with non-invasive RPA

Empowering your business with agile tools, self-service setup, and change in a matter of seconds

Giving your customers

answers not channels

Boutique Operations

Tailored for You

Globally consistent service, with local expertise & value

A boutique, bespoke experience

Dedicated seats or Bureau with unique Bureau overflow options

Surge capabilities to deal with dramatic increases in volume

1000 seats across 3 sites

FCA authorised, PCI compliant, ISO assured

Increasing your efficiency

Reducing your cost of service

Get in touch, let’s discuss a solution for you.

It’s all or nothing.

Today conversations can start with a call or a tweet, interacting with a human or a bot. They can with a text or a social post.

At Woven, these are a given, not a service bolt on – our journey is about making this a reality.

Woven is creating a collection of like-minded Customer Services companies, with global capability delivered through local expertise

Our people already support great brands. Woven is equipping them to create experiences which build lasting value for our clients

We’re on a journey from cost reduction to value creation

Our extensive client-side experience across many industries has informed the Woven Way. We’re close enough to know what’s needed, with enough distance to do it differently

We’re free to focus on creating value for our clients, through people enabled to create seamless experiences

As customers we are simple – we want answers to questions

We are enabling our people through technology which is intuitive yet invisible, so that customer needs can be met irrespective of channel

Together, we will invent and test new ideas

Today standing still is not an option. We want us all to prosper now and in the future, by keeping you ahead of the competition

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