about Woven

In a connected world, we’re redefining service.

Why? Because the conventional outsourcing model is broken.

People are not commodities and customer service will be your greatest competitive advantage.

Where people matter and technology is intuitive… Join us

Woven is creating a collection of like minded Customer Services Companies, with global capability, delivered through local expertise

Our people already support great brands. Woven will equip them to create experiences that build lasting value for our Clients

We’re on a journey from cost reduction to value creation

Our extensive client side experience across many industries has informed the Woven Way.  Close enough to know what’s needed, with enough distance to do it differently.

Free to focus on creating value for our clients through people enabled to create seamless experiences

As customers we are simple – we want answers to questions

We are enabling our people though technology that is intuitive, yet invisible, so that customers needs can be met irrespective of channel

Together, we will invent and test new ideas

Today standing still is not an option. We want us all to prosper now and in the future, by keeping you ahead of the competition

It’s all or nothing.

Today conversations can start with: a call; a tweet; a person or a bot. It can end in a text or a social post.

At Woven these are a given, not a service bolt on – our journey is about making this a reality.

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