Handle dramatic surges in contact volume.

Because time is precious and we know that our clients cannot always be there to answer contacts. Woven offer a host of tailored peak, surge and overflow call handling services that enable businesses large and small to capture every opportunity.


Our bureau service, Woven with You, provides a seamless extension of our clients business, allowing them to focus on the value-add activity that will help them grow.


Empowered by an intuitive technology platform which offers much more than just overflow call handling and with over 700 clients, across multiple sectors, you can be sure we will treat your customers as if they were our own.

All available in a cost-effective core services package that you can customise with optional add-ons.

We do more than just answer the phone.

Add channels such as email, chat, social and messaging.

You can view all your stats on any device.

And even listen to calls from your mobile phone.

We can turn you always-on 24/7 365.

Extend your opening hours to suit your needs.

we can future proof your service.

With IVR, chatbots and of other cool tech solutions



personalised for your brand.



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    Peak, Surge & Overflow Call Handling FAQs

    What is overflow call handling?

    Overflow call handling is a service that helps your customer support function deal with surges in call volume. Every business can be susceptible to spikes in customer demand, so overflow call handling services handle customer calls when your in-house team has reached their capacity. Peak, surge and overflow call handling means that your resources aren’t overstretched and customer satisfaction is maintained even during peak times and busy periods.

    Why do you need overflow call handling services?

    Overflow call handling services offer a number of benefits for your business. The most obvious benefit is improved call management; it can be difficult to forecast spikes in demand, so overflow call handling services will ensure your business isn’t caught out. It also helps with employee morale and staff retention; it can be demoralising having to deal with inevitable complaints should wait times start to become longer. In general, outsourced peak, surge and overflow call handling services help to improve efficiency, ensuring that your customers receive continuity of customer service and allow you to focus on value-add activity that will help your company grow.