Live Chat Handling
Here for you. So you can communicate with your customers in real time

Imagine If…

You had a live chat function on your website


More than 41% of customers expect live chat on your website and more than half of all customers prefer to chat with someone in real-time and online, rather than call a company for support.

Improved support experience | Increased customer engagement and satisfaction | Connected customer experience | Increases first contact resolution | Reduced service costs and boost efficiency

With tPoint Live Chat and Messenger the possibilities are endless:


tPoint Chat along with integrated agent desktop allows seamless transfer for Chatbot to a Live advisor for more complex queries

Quick replies and predetermined responses to common questions

Live Chat Screen transfer for Consistent secure payments – not visible to advisors

tPoint powered End Feedback Survey to aid improvement to your customers experience

Consistent Advisor Experience with unified Agent Desktop so your advisors can respond to interactions on Chat or Social DM

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