Woven understands that when you outsource a part of your business, it is vital that this service is considered an extension of your own organisation; with shared values, ethos and an emphasis on brand alignment.

Working with Woven means working with a partner who truly wants the best for your business and its customers.

We commit to the delivery of significant improvements in the productivity of team members, efficiency, process and customer experience. In turn, our clients are provided with reductions in operational costs, increases in revenues and an overall improvement in customer satisfaction.

We help create an outstanding customer experience, and in turn this leads to improved retention, loyalty and advocacy; creating raving fan customers who are driven to recommend your product or service to others.

One of the most successful strategies for delivering outstanding customer experiences, is delivered through the Dedicated Team model at Woven. This model gives you a team of fully trained, specially selected and on-brand advisors who work solely on your service. At Woven, we often find that advisors who sit on dedicated teams, consider themselves as employees of the brand they represent; living and breathing their brand values and being advocates for those businesses.

Within dedicated teams, advisors are able to deliver either one or a combination of different types of service across varying channels. Woven has teams of advisors who operate both inbound and outbound services for clients over voice, web chat, email, social media, customer driven review platforms and fulfilment services.

One of the stand out benefits of Woven is our flexibility in being able to offer clients a ‘pick and choose’ attitude to designing their ideal service. This is thanks to our innovative leading-edge contact centre technology which allows us to deliver a truly aligned, informed and omni-channel customer experience.

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We currently have dedicated teams ranging in size from just 1 full time equivalent employee, to teams of over 160 advisors. Thanks to intelligent workforce management tools and expertise in attracting and retaining advisors, we are able to flex team sizes for our clients at short notice too cater for seasonal peaks and unexpected surges.

For our clients, this means that customer contact volumes can be met throughout the year, without compromising on the quality of service each individual receives.


Your brand matters

We will select the right Woven Receptionist to match the personality of your brand and tone of voice, to give the customer the best experience possible.

Extensive Experience

With over 900 UK clients, we work in partnership across a wide range of sectors, including; legal, utilities, facilities management, retail, travel and charitable

Trusted Expert Support

With 3 sites across the UK offering an established switchboard service, we have Disaster Recovery sewn up! We are the safest pair of hands in the industry.

100% transparent

Transparency is not only one of our core values, but with our QA app you can monitor 100% of all calls and feedback to our team in real time.

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